Sunday, January 31, 2010

hmmm..stres finally c0me

midsem is finally juz ar0nd d c0ner..but stil no hev prepartion f0r it yet..mylife is going to be bored..dun0w wat 2 d0..mm what should i do? hanging with my friends f0r wind0e sh0pg or watch b0f..hehee...juz wsting time..wanna study??xm02..6 subjects to be covered d0e..penim2..act,I decide to revise my schedule in updating my blog. I decide to update it base on by weekly basis. Not that I’m lazy to update it (I guess :P) but so many thing t0 be settled 1st but stil dun0w which 1 must i stat 1st..huhu..i totally failed in time mnagement..wat should i do guys??stat again at beginning??
hmm.. act i hev got ideas to update ma blog but stil no hev time rite now..juz waiting til i finish ma midsem exm b4 raye cina k..s0 many things n st0ries to share here..hopefuly i will..
prying 4me..
hope stres wil g0 awy n neva come again..like ****pers0n wh0 should i erase from mylife..

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